12 Days Of ADHD Christmas

12 days of ADHD Christmas****Updated Dec. 2017

Despite how it may seem, I really do enjoy the holidays. I enjoy the spirit of the season, even if I am not particularly religious.

My 12 Days of ADHD Christmas is not religious in nature. I wanted to keep it secular because I am not creative enough to include all of the world’s religions in one really poorly written poem.

Actually, I’m not even sure this qualifies as a poem.

On the first day of Christmas ADHD gave to me…

1 Unused College Degree

I am quite sure that after toiling away for several years and earning two degrees, I am not alone in the fact that I am absolutely not using either of them. At least not for employment or money making purposes.

I don’t regret my education, but thanks to ADHD I get sick of my routine at work very quickly. So I switch jobs and career fields looking for the next thing to capture my interest.


On the second day of Christmas ADHD gave to me….

2 Lost Winter Gloves

And hats, and scarves and outdoor apparel of all types.

Why put something in a logical place when I can stash it out of site? And out of mind, apparently.

Am I the only one that has to buy new winter accessories every year because I misplace everything? This is an ongoing problem in my house – storing and then finding out of season clothing and accessories.


On the Third day of Christmas ADHD gave to me….

3 French Reds

Red wines I mean. The holiday season would not be complete without at least one really bad hangover. In my case this is often associated with red wine from the Rhone region of France.

This year I did a pretty good job of avoiding a Thanksgiving hangover. I plan to mull my wine for Christmas so most of the alcohol will cook off. (I think.)

On the fourth day of Christmas ADHD gave to me…

4 Lost Passwords

I prefer to do my holiday shopping in the comfort of my home. With a glass of red wine.

Shopping this way would not be a problem except that I can never remember the passwords for my online accounts. I only use them once per year.

Once a year I have to reset my password for Toys R Us, Shutterfly, Amazon, Target and Ebates. Wait – that is 5 passwords. But still.

Oh and a piece of advice on passwords: do not reset the passwords AFTER you drink a glass of wine.

Am I the only person who has a major issue with passwords?


On the fifth day of Christmas ADHD gave to me…

5 Missed Invitations

Ok so this happens all year – but it is particularly bad at this time of year. Between holiday parties, home tours, birthday parties and the like, I usually forget something once each week.

At this point it seems appropriate to postpone the rest of my personal appointments until after the New Year. The only appointments I am keeping are with my trainer and my chiropractor.

I need something adjusted, and it isn’t my spine.


On the 6th day of Christmas ADHD gave to me…

6 Bills for Paying

This is one area that I excel in – financial management. If I do anything right it is paying my bills.

This year I am letting the hubs do it, but he is equally qualified so I’m not worried.

For many ADHD’ers this is a problem area.

If you can, do all your shopping at once so that you know exactly what bills are coming. If you say, buy a little here and then shop a little online there, it is hard to keep track of what you are spending.


On the seventh day of Christmas ADHD gave to me…

7 Tree Trimming Disasters

I love having a real Christmas tree. I love the smell and I love the look of a real tree.

But this year I invested in a nice fake one. And my child didn’t freak out!

fake Christmas tree

Each year some disaster befalls our poor tree. The dog knocks it over drinking, or the cat leaps at it from afar. One year the hole in the bottom was crooked so our tree sat at an angle.

Last year we scratched up our ceiling. It is always something around here.


On the 8th day of Christmas ADHD gave to me…

8 Frustrating Shopping Experiences

Shopping online when you have ADHD is one thing – shopping in public is a whole different ballgame. I don’t know about you, but I get completely overwhelmed with crowds, noise and rude people.

Just the other day a woman ran into me with her cart and said, “excuse me”, as if I were in her way. On instinct I moved and said, “oh I’m sorry.” But I noticed half a second later that I wasn’t exactly in the middle of the aisle. She hit me, so why was I apologizing?

Something about the holiday season makes the crazy come out in even the most sane people.


On the 9th day of Christmas ADHD gave to me…

9 Creepy Elf On The Shelf Poses

The Elf thing gets me annoyed every year. I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast each day but I am supposed to remember to pose my son’s Elf every single night!

Then you go on Facebook or Pinterest and everyone is spending hours creating these detailed Elf scenes. My child renames his Elf each year because we can never remember what we named him the year before.

I’m over the Elf On The Shelf, can you tell?  I was shot down when I asked the child if I could just tell the Elf to stay with Santa this year.  <deep sigh>

Our Elf on the Shelf

On the 10th day of Christmas ADHD gave to me…

10 Neglected Housekeeping Chores

As it is, I need guidance about taking care of my house.

I barely keep up with the laundry, the pet hair and the clutter. It is highly unlikely that everything will get done this season.

If I have to decorate the house, get a tree and shop for everyone from both sides of the family, a clean house is simply not going to happen.

Dust will collect, candles will burn out and mail will pile up this holiday season. Do I seem like I care? Because I don’t. <sips wine.>


On the 11th day of Christmas ADHD gave to me…

11 Griping Family Members

Everyone’s family argues. I know this.

But between my general ADHD, anxiety, and the holiday season my tolerance for petty arguments is extremely low. Last year I borrowed some décor from my Grandmother and it caused a huge blowup with another relative.

I want to see everyone, I really do. I just don’t want to listen to them bicker and talk smack about each other. It is exhausting.

This year I plan to take out my frustrations through exercise.


On the 12th day of Christmas ADHD gave to me….

12 Types of Distracting Stimuli

Christmas music. I am just gonna say it – not always a good thing. I like the old stuff like Bing Crosby. But I cannot stand that song about the “Christmas Shoes”. I can’t recall who made it. (The one where the little boy’s mother dies.) So Depressing!

It’s not just the music – it’s the whole atmosphere. On one hand it is great to celebrate and it is only a 4-week period of time. But on the other hand it is incredibly hard to concentrate at work and to hold it together at home.

By New Years Day I am exhausted, and frankly, ready for a winter hibernation.

Having ADHD adds an extra element of distractibility and anxiety to the holiday season. It is so easy to get caught up in the commercial nature of everything this time of year.

Do you feel that having ADHD makes the holidays harder?

Do your ADHD symptoms get better or worse this time of year?