6 Fabulous Facebook Groups

6 Fabulous Facebook Groups for Women with ADHDAs a wife, mom and professional making my way through the world with ADD I am always looking for an online community that gets me. I look for groups with a minimum of drama – and good moderators.

This is a roundup of 6 Fabulous Facebook Groups that I have participated in and enjoyed immensely.  I used to be sort of anti-Facebook groups because I didn’t trust that I could meet worthwhile people in this very public format.  But the more I participate in groups, the more I see that I was wrong.

There are groups out there with good, decent people who want to support others and receive advice and support in return.

Each of these groups let me in when I indicated that I wanted to join.

Believe it or not, there were a few groups that ignored me completely – which is surprising considering most of these are supposed to be “supportive” of people living with ADD/ADHD.

In no particular order:

  1. ADHD a place to Share

ADHD A Place To Share Facebook Group

What I noticed right away about this group is that there are several members, and I believe some moderators, who live overseas. (In the UK.) I find their take on the issues surrounding research and treatment of ADD/ADHD very interesting. I am also interested when they discuss the education system over there as it relates to ADD. I like this board because the British “take” on things is different and refreshing.

  1. ADHD Superhero Shiny Chicken Lair

ADHD Shiny Chicken Lair Facebook Group

This group is great fun! There is ongoing conversation and posting all day – which I love because I am a nerd. I fit right in here, even as a lurker. These folks post about their hilarious mishaps, their children’s stories and everything in between. This board is similar to how I want my group to run – a mish mash of everything with a positive spirit. This is the perfect board for a laugh or pick-me-up when you need it.

  1. Adult ADD/ADHD

Adult ADD/ADHD Facebook Group

This group made me sweat it out for a couple weeks before accepting me!

But once they did I was glad.  The three things I enjoy most about this group are a. They keep religion and politics out of the discussion, b. posts are discussion based – so not so many jokes/images, c. people do not try to sell anything on here.

This is straight up discussion-based support. Which is perfect for when you are having one of those days where you need to feel understood.

  1. Women with ADD ADHD

Women with ADD/ADHD Facebook Group Terry Matlen

This is the first group I ever joined on Facebook. This is also the group moderated and founded by Terry Matlen who wrote one of my favorite books, Queen of Distraction. There are several things about this group that stand out.

First it is smaller, and comprised of only women. The women on the board are quite supportive of each other, though they range in age and circumstance. There is not a ton of humor in here – but there is a ton of knowledge and expertise available.

Terry Matlen posts information and events from her websites, which is helpful if you are a groupie like me.

  1. Smart Girls with ADHD

Smart Girls with ADHD Facebook Group

If we are friends on Facebook you know I have a major girl crush on most of the moderators of this up and coming group! I love love love everyone I have met on here and on the companion website. This is the most supportive, friendly and informative group of women I have had occasion to come in contact with.

If you are a working girl, single girl, married woman, mom, writer, creative, expressive and fabulous woman with ADHD this group is a must. Get in while you can because before long the membership is going to explode.

  1. A Dose of Healthy Distraction

A Dose of Healthy Distraction Facebook Group ADHD

I would be remiss if I did not mention my own Facebook group in this list.   I have already written about my immense desire to be a group moderator.

I am building a hybrid group that combines the humor of the Shiny chicken Lair, the information of Women with ADD ADHD and the amazing Community feeling of Smart Girls with ADHD.

I hope you will join me, as well as a few of these other groups.

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