Do Children Perceive ADHD Differently Than Their Caregivers?

***This is not a sponsored post. I was granted an interview with Dr. Manisha Madhoo, Vice president of Global Medical Affairs, Neuroscience at Shire.*** I cannot tell you have many times I have been asked, “how can I tell if the ADHD medication is helping my child?” As parents, we all want some assurance that […]

Are you still wasting time on to-do lists?

  “Forget big change, start with a tiny habit.” -BJ Fogg, PhD I don’t waste time on to-do lists anymore. There is a difference between a to-do list, and a task list. To-do lists are aspirational and generally quite long, which leads to overwhelm and inaction. I should know, I used to make these super detailed […]

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria Sucks

This guest post was done by the lovely Danielle, from The Spicy Therapist. I have written about RSD before, but this article blew me away! Consider this your new epic guide to Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria! ————————————————————————– Are you a “people pleaser”? Does failure terrify you? Does “letting down” a loved one send you into an […]