ADHD Is Not An Excuse

My friend Kerri recently put up this post. Which made me think I should update my own. Thanks Kerri! Every so often I hear someone use ADHD as an excuse for some action or behavior they regret.  The people that say this type of thing often do not have ADD.  And if they do there are […]

6 Dynamic Tools for Living with Adult ADHD

I have this little Facebook group. We talk about almost every topic under the sun in our group from mood swings to our significant others to our children. What I love about us is that we help each other work through day-to-day issues without judgment. Aside from the “no judgment” zone I also value is […]

ADHD Women: A Study in Contrast

I have a predilection for living a life of extremes. From the outside it appears I conduct my life rather haphazardly. Having a conversation with me is a bit like talking to the Mad Hatter. I change subjects a lot. I get excited when talking about something I am passionate about, and I talk really […]

What I Learned About Women’s Hormones & ADHD

I have been feeling a little hormonal lately.   So much so that I actually asked my doctor during my yearly exam if I could be perimenopausal. She says I am not perimenopausal because I am only 37. The symptoms I listed for her: Irritability Mental confusion Fatigue Spotting between periods Frequent periods Heavier than normal […]

Shame, Anxiety and Worthiness with ADHD

I am going through a Brene Brown phase. I know what you are thinking – “everybody likes Brene, Liz! You are not that special!” And you are correct. Everyone loves her work, including Oprah. But because I am always behind the curve I am just getting started. I picked up a copy of The Gifts […]

Intermittent Fasting and ADHD

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links.  Any purchases from Amazon support this website.   The best way to explain how I use intermittent fasting is to explain the difference between two very trendy words: Fasting and Detoxifying Detoxifying involves removing wastes, chemicals and other icky stuff from our […]

My Struggle with Weight, Body Image and ADHD

Women with ADHD have a complicated relationship with food. Actually, most of the women I know have a complicated relationship with food. Sharing my story is part of my attempt to heal and be honest about my personal history. My Struggle With Weight, Body Image and ADHD I was in college and away from home, […]