This Is Me Having A Meltdown

An honest to God ADHD crazy-head meltdown. As you may know, one of the less-attractive side effects of having ADHD is the occasional meltdown.  Generally, this happens to me about 4 times per year and it involves…well, everything about my life. Join me for this exciting adventure. <insert sarcasm> The post I wanted to write […]

6 Ideas To Supercharge Your Productivity At Work

I want to start with a story. My apologies – it’s just what I do. When I graduated from college for the first time in 2001 I took a job as an “executive trainee” for a large retailer. I had just come off a wonderful internship at an upscale luxury retailer. Lets just say that […]

6 Fabulous Facebook Groups

6 Fabulous Facebook Groups

As a wife, mom and professional making my way through the world with ADD I am always looking for an online community that gets me. I look for groups with a minimum of drama – and good moderators. This is a roundup of 6 Fabulous Facebook Groups that I have participated in and enjoyed immensely. […]

Bored For 35 Hours

  Since I have been so preoccupied with working on this site and its content and development, I thought it might be a good idea to have a guest poster.  In keeping with my philosophy of Living In The Positive, I am featuring this short, inspiring piece by Dr. Ron Bashian. I hope you find […]

My ADHD Story

  Lately it seems like everybody I meet was diagnosed as an adult.  I was actually diagnosed in the 90’s in the beginning of the ADHD craze.  So I have had knowledge of my diagnosis for a long time. I didn’t always believe that I had ADHD.  In fact, I only really accepted the fact […]

The Truth About What It Takes To Make A Marriage Work

According to one study, people in fulfilling relationships have better immunity to the flu. Seriously?! No wonder I have never had the flu. My husband is awesome! Many people have asked me how I have such a healthy marriage.  While it is flattering that people would think we have a healthy marriage, I am not […]