Confessions Of A Neurotic Mom

I’m starting a new series of posts entitled Confessions of a Neurotic Mom.

confessions of a neurotic mom

Week of 8/15/16

Every week is a new crisis around here so why not share it?

This week I am sharing my first day of kindergarten jitters…

I don’t know about you, but the night before my child started kindergarten was a sleepless one for me. Actually, my fitbit recorded 4 hours and 22 minutes, so I guess is wasn’t totally sleepless. But it definitely felt that way.

I laid there in my lovely bed with new pillows, tossing and turning and totally unable to relax.  I hadn’t felt this wired since the time I took Sudafed and stayed awake for 24 hours.

Perhaps it will help someone else if I put down some of the questions racing through my mind?

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Or maybe I am just as crazy as I feel.

confessions of a neurotic mom who cannot sleep the night before her child starts kindergarten

Confessions of a Neurotic Mom…Who Cannot Sleep The Night Before Her Child Starts Kindergarten.


What if there are mean kids on the bus?

This sounds like everyday school stuff, it really does. But my kid is not what one would call “predictable.” If another child is unkind he could either a) cry, or b) punch the kid in the face.

No joke, my son is equally capable of both scenarios. Though he is getting better at expressing his emotions with words instead of physical action.

The idea of my son being ridiculed or made to feel bad about himself just cuts me to the core. At the same time, I know everyone has to go through it.

Mom is the only one who will lose sleep over this stuff.

What if he gets frustrated?

I know that he will be asked to do things that he is uncomfortable with. Things like using scissors and holding a pencil the correct way.

While I desperately want him to work on his fine motor skills, I know how quickly he gets discouraged. Often getting loud and teary at the same time. Then he becomes self conscious when other children notice.

Dear young, attractive, energetic kindergarten teacher – please give him gentle reminders so that he doesn’t freak out.

Is he going to listen to the teacher?

My son has this ability to hear everything but filter it so that he only responds when he wants to. Repeating myself has become the norm, as has my frustration when I hear that he does the same thing in his pre-k class.

Since he has my genes, attention and concentration might become an issue at school.

Teaching kindergarten requires an enormous amount of patience and energy. I hope that my son uses his “listening ears”, particularly now when he needs to assimilate into a classroom community.

How will I reinforce a love of learning? (how will his school?)

When I was teaching it was obvious to me that my 9th graders had somehow lost the love of learning.

I spent quite a bit of time contemplating why these smart, capable kids grew to despise school. I never really figured it out, and it made me sad.

Here and now, I pledge to always talk about school and learning in a positive light. Even if I am unhappy with his future teachers/classmates/administrators I want to instill a regard for education.

If you have any advice on this email me. Seriously.

What if he struggles to learn how to read/write?

My son is highly verbal and he loves to look at books and read every night.

I don’t know why I am struggling with this fear to the degree that I am.  Oh wait now I remember why:

  • I tried to get him to practice some sight words with me, and he was not at all interested.
  • He can identify all of his letters. When he wants too.
  • He can write his name. Sloppily, but still.

My boy grips his pencil in a fist. I don’t know how he is going to write if we cannot get his pencil grip at least closer to where it should be. I watch his classmates and while I know I shouldn’t compare, some of them have excellent pencil grip.

Our district is wonderful and well equipped to deal with all types of learners. For goodness sake, it is one of the best in the state!

So why am I such a basket case?

Update:  He has had 2 days of school.  So far he loves it and he loves his teacher.  Cross your fingers.

Were you sleepless when your child/ren started kindergarten?

How did you cope?







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