A Winter Attitude Adjustment

I don’t know about you, but this time of year always feels a little depressing to me. Fall is so beautiful and inspiring, while winter is just …cold. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians 4-6% of Americans suffer each winter with Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as SAD. Another 10-20% of Americans suffer […]

The Year of Self Improvement

Happy New Year! I have declared 2017 The Year of Self Improvement. It’s my belief that most humans are trying to better themselves in some way. Some of us want to grow spiritually or intellectually. Others want to work on our physical fitness or mental health. Almost everything I have planned for this website in […]

10 Ways to Organize Christmas Clutter

I love twinkle lights and the smell of Christmas trees. I don’t love the commercialism. And I really, really don’t love the boxes and bins of décor and wrapping paper that are piled my basement. Organizing “stuff” is an issue for me. Ornaments and family heirlooms hold some sentimental value, but they also take up […]

12 Days Of ADHD Christmas

****Updated Nov. 2016 Despite how it may seem, I really do enjoy the holidays. I enjoy the spirit of the season, even if I am not particularly religious. My 12 Days of ADHD Christmas is not religious in nature. I wanted to keep it secular because I am not creative enough to include all of […]

Holiday Gift List 2016

  Now that Black Friday is over (thank goodness!) I am ready to put out my own gift list.  The HealthyADHD Holiday Gift List is geared toward women who have trouble staying organized, but understand that we all deserve something special now and again. I included some practical items, some time management tools, some educational […]

A Low-Key Thanksgiving Menu

  So as I wrote in this post, I usually get pretty stressed out this time of year. I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. I want everything to be beautiful and smell really good. But somehow the idea of getting my house together and socializing is too much for me. Generally I leave […]