What I Learned About Women’s Hormones & ADHD

I have been feeling a little hormonal lately.   So much so that I actually asked my doctor during my yearly exam if I could be perimenopausal. She says I am not perimenopausal because I am only 37. The symptoms I listed for her: Irritability Mental confusion Fatigue Spotting between periods Frequent periods Heavier than normal […]

10 Picky-Mom Approved Television Shows for Kids

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  Any purchases made through these links directly support A Dose of Distraction.   Yup, I let my kid watch television. I do this with full acknowledgement of the fact that most of the current research tells us that children should not watch tv. Or at least, they shouldn’t […]

My Kindergartener Thinks He Is Smarter Than Me

Funny.  And Scary.  And true. For the longest time I thought it was my imagination. I had the thought in the back of my mind but I refused to voice it. Over time it has become clear that my early suspicion was correct. Most of the time my son’s biting one-liners are funny. Like earlier […]

Quickie Lemon Cocktail Recipe

As you know I am most definitely NOT a food blogger. I cook because I have to feed my family. I like experimenting with new ingredients, but in general, simpler is better. Oh and I do not take pretty pictures the way food bloggers do. Anyway, I have been experimenting more with cocktails than I […]

Book Review: Ketchup is my Favorite Vegetable

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post but I was given a copy of this book for review.  I will sometimes refer to it as Ketchup.   “Mickey was the exact same child we’d had before the diagnosis.” This line is found on page 30 of Liane Kupferberg Carter’s family memoir Ketchup is my Favorite […]

Jumpstart Summer Learning with Play-Based Activities

This is a guest post from my partner-in-crime/fellow mommy/Facebook group admin….and she also saved my butt with this one. I was not keeping my ish together this week.  Thanks Lee-Anne! ———————————- Children with ADHD look forward to summer break even more than their peers. (I presume, I didn’t take a poll or anything.) After a […]

Authoritative Parenting When Mom Has ADHD Too

I recall as a teenager committing some infraction and being punished with a grounding and some type of lost privileges. My grounding may or may not have had something to do with a boy. At this point the details are fuzzy, but I was definitely in trouble for something. Grounding worked on me because I […]

Shame, Anxiety and Worthiness with ADHD

I am going through a Brene Brown phase. I know what you are thinking – “everybody likes Brene, Liz! You are not that special!” And you are correct. Everyone loves her work, including Oprah. But because I am always behind the curve I am just getting started. I picked up a copy of The Gifts […]