6 Fabulous Facebook Groups

6 Fabulous Facebook Groups

As a wife, mom and professional making my way through the world with ADD I am always looking for an online community that gets me. I look for groups with a minimum of drama – and good moderators. This is a roundup of 6 Fabulous Facebook Groups that I have participated in and enjoyed immensely. […]

I Have Never Had A Viral Post – And I Don’t Care

Weird title right? There has been some stuff going on lately. I am working on identifying who my ideal audience is for this site. I am working on the logo and branding. Between by extra hours at work and my general ADD-inspired disorganization I feel like not a lot has been getting done in terms […]

Bored For 35 Hours

  Since I have been so preoccupied with working on this site and its content and development, I thought it might be a good idea to have a guest poster.  In keeping with my philosophy of Living In The Positive, I am featuring this short, inspiring piece by Dr. Ron Bashian. I hope you find […]

My ADHD Story

  Lately it seems like everybody I meet was diagnosed as an adult.  I was actually diagnosed in the 90’s in the beginning of the ADHD craze.  So I have had knowledge of my diagnosis for a long time. I didn’t always believe that I had ADHD.  In fact, I only really accepted the fact […]

11 Ways To Savor Your Beach Vacation

When did vacation become more stressful than work? I was so looking forward to some time with my toes in the sand, book in hand.  In the past trips to the beach with my family have always included me having a total meltdown at some point.  There is something about not working that is a […]

The Truth About What It Takes To Make A Marriage Work

According to one study, people in fulfilling relationships have better immunity to the flu. Seriously?! No wonder I have never had the flu. My husband is awesome! Many people have asked me how I have such a healthy marriage.  While it is flattering that people would think we have a healthy marriage, I am not […]

The Brazilian Blowout

I have struggled with frizzy icky hair my whole life. When I say frizzy I mean fuzzy and disgusting, NOT curly. Curls are one thing – my hair is a whole different ball game. I have been told I have a lot of very fine hair. So basically, my hair will frizz up and absorb […]

Why I’m Teaching My Child The Art of Compromise

By definition to compromise is to settle a dispute by mutual concession. As in I give a little something and you give a little something. In order to compromise we need to get into the other person’s head. We need to care about their feelings and wishes. We need to have empathy. Empathy is something […]