A Day In The Life Of A Mom Struggling With ADHD

As you are aware, I don’t often write stories.  This was kinda therapeutic actually.  Maybe I should do it more often.  Let me know what you think. a day in the life of a mom struggling with ADHD Chapter 1 BEEP BEEP BEEP! My husband’s alarm goes off with an ear-piercing sound every morning at […]

Why I’m Only Having One Child

I am the mother of one child. Yes, I think about it and feel sad sometimes. Other times I thank my lucky stars that I stopped at one. People ask me all the time why I would choose to have an only child. As if it’s really any of their business anyway. It’s sort of […]

I Gave My Child ADHD

So yeah…I think I gave my child ADHD. When I originally wrote this post I felt guilty. It was the spring and he was struggling at school. I don’t feel as guilty anymore.  So… I thought that perhaps if I shared my new perspective it might help to alleviate the guilt some other parents feel […]

Why I’m Teaching My Child The Art of Compromise

By definition to compromise is to settle a dispute by mutual concession. As in I give a little something and you give a little something. In order to compromise we need to get into the other person’s head. We need to care about their feelings and wishes. We need to have empathy. Empathy is something […]