How To Shop Amazon Prime Like A Pro

How to shop amazon prime like a pro

As of June 2016 there were 63 million Amazon Prime users just in the US alone. This was an increase from the year before, and undoubtedly by now there are upwards of 80 million users here in the US. Source

As you can probably tell I am an enthusiastic fan of Amazon. I order cleaning supplies, packaged food, supplements, books…basically everything you can imagine.

ADHD is a funny thing because it makes you forgetful.

For example, we all need toilet paper, but just because I need toilet paper doesn’t mean I will remember to buy it.

Amazon “remembers” for me and sends me a pack of toilet paper every 2 months. For someone who cannot remember what they ate for breakfast this morning, this is a huge deal.

Also, I save a tremendous amount of money because I use Amazon coupons paired with subscribe and save, and I find all the good deals.

My life is easier, I don’t have to think so hard, and I don’t have to worry about forgetting the essentials.

 Amazon Prime is quite literally the best way for moms to shop online while saving money.

how to shop amazon prime like a pro


Amazon Prime Details

Prime is not free, but when you pay the $99 yearly membership fee you get a number of benefits. These benefits are listed on this page.

Your $99 is easily made up when you consider you get free 2 day shipping on virtually everything you order. And you can pre-order items before they even become available. On the day I wrote this post there were 8,452 items listed for pre-sale including books, movies and music.

One of my favorite features of Prime is that each time I go to Amazon, I can see at least six of my past purchases, as well as recommendations based on my search history.

Amazon is like a personalized shopping search engine.

If you cannot remember the name of that book you were thinking about ordering, you look at your history and there it is.


Amazon Pantry

Just to be completely honest, Amazon is how I stock my pantry these days. I do go to regular retail grocers sometimes, I just prefer not to.

This is how it works: Amazon sells everything.

I mean cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, diapers/wipes, health and beauty products…you name it, they most likely have it. And they have what you are looking for in almost every available brand.

If you fill your Prime Pantry box with 5 qualifying items your shipping is free. Pantry shipping is not always free, but I find that often the items I want are on the list of “qualifying items” for free shipping. So I rarely pay anything.

Click here to learn more about Pantry. 

Coupons and Weekly Deals

Amazon prime has both coupons and weekly deals.

When you click on Pantry, right under the header are little boxes, just click on the coupons and check out what is available. Some of it will be a good deal, and maybe some of it will not. But I can tell you I buy using these virtual coupons all the time.

Here is a link to the coupons.

You also must check out the button that says Deals.

Amazon lists items from $1 – $10 and you can find some interesting stuff in here. The only downside is that you can get pretty sucked in looking at all of the clearance items.  Still highly recommended.

Here is the link to Pantry Deals.

Subscribe and Save

This feature of Prime is by far the one I use most frequently. I order cleaning products, snacks and even my child’s eczema cream through Subscribe and save.

I am obsessed and I admit it openly.

This is how it work in a nutshell:

  • Go to the subscribe and save store and choose items you would like delivered on a schedule.
  • Set the items up to be delivered every month, or two months, or three..whatever you want.
  • The more items you add the more you save on your purchase.

All I’m going to say is tissues, toilet paper and chocolate is delivered straight to my door every single month. My life is complete.

Here is the link to subscribe and save.

Todays Deals

Every day on Amazon more items go on sale. I love to browse the daily deals, usually the grocery and kitchen items. Every so often I find something I want in there for a really great price.

Under today’s deals there is a whole section of digital and kindle deals.

I look at this as often as I can. On the day I typed this I got a copy of Crystal Paine’s book Money Making Mom for $1.99 delivered to my Macbook.  True story!

Here is the link to digital deals.

Amazon Fresh

This service is pretty new around my area. But from talking to those that have tried, it seems to work pretty well.

I have not tried it yet but this is what I have learned. The first 30 days are free, after that it costs $14.99 per month. Which is comparable to other grocery delivery services.

You choose your items and then select a delivery time. Seems pretty convenient. If you have already tried FRESH I would love to hear about it.

Here is the link to the info page for Fresh.


Finally, I am going to give you another huge reason to be a prime member. Ready for it?

Amazon is fun. There I said it.

Where else could I find a stuffed ring tailed lemur for my son’s 6th birthday? Or better yet, a set of Hogwarts robes straight outta Harry Potter?

There is no other place I would rather spend a Saturday night browsing with a glass of wine. And from what I can tell I am not alone.

Sure, there are some competitors. But I do not think the product selection will be as complete and the user experience will not be as pleasant and tailored.  Or at least, that is what I tell my husband when I click that “buy now” button for the 10th time this week.

If I haven’t yet convinced you that you can save time, money and mental energy by using Amazon Prime I am not sure what will.

This is not a sponsored post, I wrote it because I feel so strongly about saving money and helping other women become the CEO of their homes. Why not share what works for me?

Amazon continues to be the best and most convenient way for women and mothers to shop online, save money, and most importantly – save time!

Guess what!?  I am now an AMAZON INFLUENCER. Check out my store here!

I plan to update it frequently.

My obsession paid off!

If you make any purchases I may be paid a small commission. For my full disclosure policy click here.