Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

I am obsessed with Amazon.  In particular, Amazon Prime.

Since I am not alone I don’t feel that weird admitting it. Waxing poetic about my shopping habits is my thing.

I use my Prime membership at least 3 times per week. My inbox is full of confirmation emails and the boxes come to my house virtually every day. Sometimes twice a day.

Feeling sorta bad for my mail lady now that I think of it.

But it’s just so hard to resist the siren song of Amazon Prime.


Amazon Prime Day is the best day of the year for shopping.

Even better than black Friday because you can do it from the privacy of your home and treat yourself while stocking up on some Amazon Essentials.

Details of Amazon Prime

First you have to sign up for Prime. If you sign up right now you get 30 days free!

Prime membership costs $99 and lasts one year. If you are a student you can get a 6 month free trial membership.

Here is a link to the app. Trust me, the app is where it’s at. I often make purchases through the app if I am not near my computer.

Benefits of joining Prime right now:

  • – 90 day free trial of Amazon Fresh
  • – 30 day free trial of Prime
  • – 20% off GNC vitamins
  • – 15% off subscribe and save items
  • – 30% off Alexa deals on everyday essentials
  • – 40% off 6 months of Audible

You can see my post on Shopping Amazon Prime like a Pro here where I explain subscribe and save.

Prime Day Tips

Prime day begins at 9pm Monday July 10. The event is exclusive to members and trial members.

So make sure you join ahead of time.

Browse the Prime Day Page starting 24 hours early (9pm EST July 9th) so you can plan ahead and add deals to your list.

The following info taken directly from Amazon****

Prime Day Spotlight Deals feature top brands, popular items and deep discounts that last until stock is gone. These deals have the most inventory and some of the best savings. Find Spotlight Deals through the “Shop All Deals” link on

 Lightning Deals are watchable 24 hours ahead but only run for a limited time with limited quantities. New Lightning Deals will launch as often as every 5 minutes. You’ll see a timer on each deal as well as a status bar showing availability until the deal is claimed. Find these limited-time deals through the “Shop All Deals” link on

Here is a snapshot I took from Amazon explaining how you can start deal hunting early.

Amazon Prime Day


I have no desire to take over your weekend. Just wanted to let you know because…I am so in love with my Amazon Prime membership and it is not often you get 30 days free just to try it out.

And I am ridiculously excited because Amazon Prime Day is the best day of the year for shopping. 













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