The Best Cleaning Products

The best (quick and dirty) cleaning products

I am not a fabulous housekeeper.

There are clutter piles in my living room. My hair covers the bathroom floor. And there are definitely dust bunnies under my furniture.

Cleaning is one of those things that I consider a “should.”

And we all know that, “shoulds” are no fun.

  • I should vacuum the cat litter from my downstairs every day.

  • I should remind my child to take his junk back to his room each night.

  • And obviously, I should disinfect my kitchen counters every day.

But I don’t, and I’m ok with it.  I like to enjoy my life and my family without worrying about whether our environment is photo ready at all times.

Like I have said before, there is no normal when it comes to housekeeping. And we actually live here.

In her famous book, Marie Kondo wrote, “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” (affiliate link)

I do not get a sense of joy from cleaning, so I look for the fastest and easiest ways to get the job done.

The Best (quick and dirty) cleaning products


Cleaning the bathroom

The head. The wash room. Lavatory. Whatever you call it, bathrooms require some cleaning. If you have children this is even more true.

When I clean my shower I like something that will get in all the little cracks of grout around the tile. You can’t beat Tilex and a good scrub brush in the shower.

Even if you don’t have tile, you still need to scrub. Hard water and bath products create a nasty buildup on the walls and the floor.

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Always keep a decent toilet bowl cleaner stocked, as well as Lysol spray. I started buying Lysol after a really bad stomach bug went through my house a couple years ago.

An infectious disease doctor told me that Lysol is one of the only things that can kill the Noro Virus. Make sure you get the can that says Type III on it.

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Cleaning the kitchen

To be completely up font here, I use disinfecting wipes on 99% of the surfaces in my kitchen.  I even use them on my glass top stove.My family enjoys the lemon scent but they come in a couple varieties. I also use the wipes on my bathroom counter and door handles/drawer pulls.

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Each day I like to empty my sink by loading the dishwasher or handwashing. Then I scrub out the sink.

I don’t have a garbage disposal so I need to keep it as clean and germ-free as possible. My sink is a composite material, and I use Scrubbing Bubbles.


On glass surfaces, including mirrors and the kitchen window I use plain old Windex.


cleaning floors

My house is all hardwood with the occasional throw rug. So I go through a ton of floor cleaner.

Most weeks I use my Shark vacuum to capture the excess cat hair and dust. Then I go over the floors with a Swiffer wet jet.

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Having people over requires a bit more preparation. So I usually vacuum and then use a dust mop to get under the furniture.

If I really wanna get fancy I bust out my favorite product – Murphy’s Oil Soap.

I am so obsessed with Murphy’s that I purchase it in both original form, which you add to water, and in a spray bottle to use on my wood furniture. The smell is just perfect!

Not too chemically but completely fresh.

Now, I just want to emphasize that when I clean I do not spend more than an hour in any given area of my house. I deal with one area per day.

Products for dusting or general cleaning

I love the Swiffer Duster for a couple of reasons.  First because it works. But also because it is gentle enough that I can allow my 7 year-old to dust with it and not worry that he will break anything.

I prefer the extendable handle so I can reach into the corners and get the cobwebs and dust.

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I have a few other general cleaning products that I keep around my house. Mostly multipurpose sprays like Meyer’s. Or Pledge. (Both of these smell awesome, too!)


I also use a ton of white vinegar around the house, even though the smell can be a bit much.

As you can see I like to keep things simple.

I am fully aware that disinfecting wipes, and Swiffer pads are creating trash. Yes, I feel slightly bad about that.

But for the ADHD Housewife, cleaning is about making progress. Little by little I am feeling more in control of my space.

I clean because it is a necessity of life.

I do not get a sense of joy from cleaning, so I look for the fastest and easiest ways to get the job done.

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