Why a Lazy Sunday Equals a Productive Monday

Sunday was always my -“everything I didn’t get done during the week” – day. But lately, I have been reserving my Sundays for more casual pursuits. I am lying around and doing a whole lot of nothing. Wanna know how?

Why a Lazy Sunday Equals a Productive Monday

Take Back your Sunday by Being a Slacker

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Seriously. I now plan my week so that I can lay around Sunday afternoon. The great part is, the more rest I get the more productive I am. Hence my improved mood on Monday morning.

I used to jump out of bed 7 am on Sunday and scramble around looking for gym clothes. Often, said gym clothes were still in the basement, either wet in the washing machine or dirty on the floor. I often felt stressed and irritable as we made breakfast and scrambled out the door to our scheduled gym workouts.

After the gym I would race to the grocery store and fight the after church crowd to get my weekly shopping done. No matter how organized my list was I still felt crowded and over stimulated during my shopping trip. If I forgot to have a snack I also ended up buying food that was off the list.

After I unloaded the groceries I would cram some food in my mouth and sit down to work on this website. Only to remember that there was still laundry that needed to be done, and dog hair that had yet to be vacuumed. So I would gather all the dirty clothes from around the house and start that process.

I think you get the picture…

Sunday nights left me feeling the opposite of refreshed. I was dreading Monday morning and that irritated feeling often bled over into Monday. As a result I self-medicated with coffee and shuffled around my office like a hermit so my shitty mood didn’t rub off on my coworkers.

My 6 step system to Take Back Your Sunday by Being a Slacker.

Do Your Chores During the Week

I no longer wait until the weekend to vacuum the dog hair in my house. I try to do it Thursday or Friday so that it isn’t hanging over my head. I also don’t try to do it all at one time. I might do the downstairs one day and the upstairs the next.

If I am really lucky, the hubs might volunteer to help me.

Laundry is now done mid-week, as well as Saturday. In the middle of the week I wash work clothes and gym clothes. Sundays are mostly for towels and sheets since those can be tossed in the dryer and left there.

I empty the sink into the dishwasher every day so dishes don’t pile up. If things need to be hand washed we try to keep up with it by doing a little each day.

I would say on average I spend about 10 minutes per day tidying up and doing chores. Those 10 minutes each day save me a couple hours on the weekend.

Saturdays are for shopping

Historically, I did much of my food shopping on Sundays. This summer I noticed that there are less people in the grocery store on Saturdays. So now I try to get it done before Sunday.

If I need to make a Target run or a BJ’s run I prefer to do that on Saturdays also. Or I just send the Hubs, he likes it and it allows him to spend some one-on-one time with the little man.

The whole point is to clear my schedule for Sunday as much as possible.

On Sunday:

Allot time for family activities

Every Sunday I try to spend an hour doing something one-on-one with E. Sometimes we read his library book, other times we work on a Lego project. One of his favorite activities is being my helper.

We wash dishes and have interesting conversations. My son enjoys the adult attention and when he is bored with me he lets me know. After our time together I don’t feel as guilty if I want to work on the computer for a while. Or zone out with a book.

You will feel so much better dropping your child off at school or daycare on Monday, if you have spent some quality time over the weekend. Your sense of calm will rub off on your child and their transition back into the week will be smoother.

take back your sunday by being a slacker

Keep in mind, our children are like little sponges soaking up our attitudes and emotions. Mondays are hard on them, too.

Get Mindful and whatnot

I spend at least 10 minutes on Sunday working on my mindfulness meditation. Right now I am trying out two different apps: Calm  and Headspace. I find that I am better able to get through the meditation if I have met my self-imposed goals.

It has made me calmer and more positive. I think.

I will write about meditation after I have more experience with it.

If you are not into meditation, try taking some alone time. Read a book or take a nap. Unless you pass out for 2+ hours you should be able to sleep the same night.


As in exercise. On Sunday. Make exercise part of your “me time.” I wrote a post ages ago about why we need to workout. Particularly if we are dealing with annoying ADHD symptoms.

I like to do it in the morning on Sundays because I am not a church person. If you are not a fan of sweaty exercise then do something simple like taking a walk. Move your body and clear your mind.

Exercise will actually help you relax for the rest of the day and gear up for the workweek to come. Besides, if you burn a few extra calories then you can afford to lie around a bit more and spend time with your family.

Detox from the Weekend

Detox your body by hydrating if you have had a weekend filled with food and adult beverages. Try to eat cleanly on Sunday so that you sleep well and feel your best for the start of your week.

Detox your spirit if you are a religious person. Attend church and really take in the sermon. Try to think about ways you can include those lessons into your mood on Monday morning. Ask yourself how you could better incorporate your faith into your work/life balance.

While I am not religious, I totally understand how having a spiritual home base could be beneficial to all aspects of our wellbeing.

Lazy Sunday Equals Productive Monday

Ever since I stopped rushing around on Sunday I have felt so much better on Monday. I have more motivation and patience. I am less irritable and better able to deal with. …Everything.

Why Lazy Sunday Equals a Productive Monday (for me)


  1. Do your chores during the week so you don’t have to do them on Sunday.

  2. Do your shopping on Saturdays for the same reason.

  3. Spend your Sunday relaxing; take care of your body and mind.

  4. Spend time with your family on Sunday.

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How do you do more while doing less?

Do you reserve Sundays for relaxing? Or is Sunday a busy day for you?


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