This Is Me Having A Meltdown

This is me having an ADHD meltdown

An honest to God ADHD crazy-head meltdown.

As you may know, one of the less-attractive side effects of having ADHD is the occasional meltdown.  Generally, this happens to me about 4 times per year and it involves…well, everything about my life.

Join me for this exciting adventure. <insert sarcasm>

The post I wanted to write

I wanted to write a thought-provoking post for today about the difference between who we are on social media and who we are at home.  Lets face it – even the biggest bloggers are not showing you pictures of what their house looks like on a Wednesday afternoon.

I wanted to show you the authentic me – complete with pictures of my messy house. My yearning to do so was rooted in the fact that I am dying to be a fly on the wall in other people’s houses.  I want to see if they are as “together” as they seem.

None of this is happening because the Word program on my computer is currently not saving anything I write.

In fact, Word has not saved anything I have written for the last few days so I have to type this post directly into WordPress.  Pardon my poor planning.  My Macbook is almost 4 years old.  My last Macbook lasted 5 years so I am not happy that I may have to spring for a new computer in the near future.  Oh yeah…

parent Teacher conferences are tomorrow

This might not be a huge deal. E has been doing really well at school and he has matured so much in just 6 months.  But I do need to discuss my concerns about his fine motor skills and attention issues.  And I need to find a new OT because the office I was going to was disorganized and I got sick of it.

Conferencing with teachers is a good thing. But did you know that childcare is closed all day for these wonderful conferences?  So if you have a job and you need childcare, what are you supposed to do when the school is closed for conferences that you may or may not be able to attend?  Pay a babysitter?

In my case you beg your mother for help.  Speaking of my mother…

The Halloween Parade

I live in a little town called York, located south of Harrisburg in Central PA.  Around here parades are a big deal, and the annual Halloween Parade is the biggest deal of all.  As a kid I was in the parade as a band nerd.  But to be frank, as an adult I have zero interest in the crowds and noise.

My mother insinuated yesterday that I am obligated to take my son to this parade because in her words, “Elliott cannot watch tv all weekend.” I wonder what point she was trying to make with this?  Now I am even more angry that I have to spend at least 3 hours of my day attending this event.

A couple weeks ago my mother also told me, “you don’t clean your house.”

I turned 37 in June and for my birthday this year someone in my family sent me a subscription to Good Housekeeping.  Nobody has admitted to this yet, but I have it narrowed down to either my mother or my grandmother.

While I am on the subject…

Snarky people

Are so annoying!  I don’t need anyone to tell me that my house is a mess.  I don’t need anyone to make me doubt my parenting abilities any more than I already do.

**update my mother told me after I wrote this post that she was, “in a mood” and apologized for saying both of these things.**

As it turns out I know that I have piles of laundry.  I also have things that matter more to me than a sparkling clean, dust-free house.

Like writing quality content for this blog.  I do not delude myself – I know I have Like 20 readers.  But those 20 readers matter to me, and satisfying their need for entertainment/friendship/understanding is important to me.  That leads me to another rant…

i am jealous of my husband working at home

I work part-time in an office.  I really like my coworkers and my boss.  But do I want to be doing this work day in and day out forever?  Hello no.

What I want to do is create more information products and support services for women and moms like myself.

And when I go to the parade I mentioned above my husband will get to spend 3 hours at home alone watching football and relaxing.  Do you know what I would give for three hours to myself?

He gets to be alone every. single. day.

I considered taking a mental health day on Monday so I could get some work done. For me a mental health day just means I am working at home.  Where my husband is… where I cannot actually be alone.  See what I mean?

I know what you are thinking, “but Liz, you don’t actually make any money.”

You’re right I don’t.  But when I make a promise to someone (like an editor at I like to deliver on my promise.

When I make a promise to my 20 regular readers I like to keep it.

So this is me having a meltdown on a Sunday afternoon.

This post was written yesterday as a sort of therapeutic tool.  At first I planned to only share it with a few select people on my Facebook Group.  But then I realized that I started this website with the goal of being totally authentic.  I want to add something to the lives of other moms and women living with ADHD.

I am not perfect.  I am a flawed person living and parenting through the lens of ADHD.

Is there anything in your life that just makes you bash-t crazy?

Do you think everyone has this kind of meltdown now and again?


Just for fun I will leave you with this.  Regina George!

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