I Have Never Had A Viral Post – And I Don’t Care

I have never had a viral post and I don't care - I blog because I love it

Weird title right?

There has been some stuff going on lately. I am working on identifying who my ideal audience is for this site. I am working on the logo and branding. Between by extra hours at work and my general ADD-inspired disorganization I feel like not a lot has been getting done in terms of growing this site.


Last week I guest posted on The Distracted Mom on Wednesday.


Then on Friday I moonlighted on Carla Birnberg.


I got an email late on that same Friday confirming that my work was published on SheKnows.

You would think that with that much exposure over a 3-day period my blog would be exploding and my Facebook group would get a few new members. Yeah, not so much.

I have been feeling like a total loser when it comes to the growth of this site.


I love writing so I don’t plan to stop, but when it comes to Google Analytics and SEO and creating Pinterest graphics…. I hear the same thing Charlie Brown hears when his teacher speaks. Wah wah wah.

When I started this blog my end goal was to have a community of women to collaborate and laugh with. I naively thought that if I wrote honestly, that people would be interested. I did not realize how hard it is to be a professional writer. I also didn’t realize that I am not that unique.

Sometimes I feel way too un-special to compete with the really talented people out there who write about ADD. But then, when it comes to blogging there is no need to compete. The Internet is big enough for all of us. So is Facebook. So is Pinterest.

After this week, and seeing only a small jump in my page views, I could have given up. I considered it for about 20 seconds. The thing about page views and users is that it is almost completely out of my control. I will never fully understand how to utilize long-tail keywords. And I have not purchased the upgraded Yoast service.

I have never had a viral post.


The reason I haven’t focused more on SEO is because I would rather my followers, few though they are, join my tribe because they identify with my writing and me as a person. Not because I attracted them with my SEO skillz.

I believe when you start something you should finish it. I started this website. Since some people are reading it, I am going to persist in my rambling, ADD infused writings. I am going to persist in my goal of building a community.

I am not going to continue to stare at my analytics every day and flog myself for having such “low” numbers.

Here is a snapshot of my last 30 days. I’ll just put it out there.

Google Analytics

What I am most proud of are the numbers in the bottom row. When I look at that bounce rate of 25% I know that people are not immediately clicking away from my site. Also, the number of pages per session makes me very happy. My visitors are reading 4.5 pages on average.

Blog monetization?


The other day my hubby asked me if I think I will make any money on my website by the end of this year. I felt bad considering that I have spent roughly $1,600 on getting this thing going.

I told him the truth. Nope, I think it will be a while until I see any money.

I am not a good salesperson – so selling my writing and my “friendship” online is tough. Maybe I should develop some kind of product?

I have been tossing around the idea of a “Toolbox For Moms With ADD.”   But since I have a mailing list of exactly 11 people I don’t see that being a very successful launch.

One of my readers the other day commented, “Persistence is everything.”

If there is one thing I am good at it is persisting – even when I feel like a failure.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and Google will reward me for my persistence. In the meantime I am taking a break from staring at those numbers.

Any bloggers out there – How do you feel about your analytics these days?


How should we define success if not by the numbers?


What would attract more people to my “tribe”?

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  • You know, I feel this way sometimes, but then I remember this writing critique group I run in the city. A whole bunch of people quit over the winter, leaving us with only four members, and I almost disbanded it and felt like a loser.

    For some reason, I didn’t. I reached out to the remaining people individually and let them know as long as there were two of us, I would keep convening our group.

    It’s been amazing. I’m hoping for similar success with blogging.

    If you haven’t read it already, I totally recommend the book How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul. It’s from the writer behind Living Well, Spending Less. Her book reminded me that my blog is young, and I should be focusing on content and gradually building a following and a mailing list. I plan to monetize in earnest within a few years.

    People with ADHD really can’t stand waiting. A few years feels like, well, why even bother, but I’m determined to persist as well. So let’s have an online toast to persistence! Even when other shiny things are beckoning! 🙂

    • Liz

      Jaclyn –
      Thanks so much for commenting. I love seeing you around here. (And on the group board.)
      Someone else recommended that book, I will have to get it the next time I place an order.
      I actually took the ads off just this weekend. I don’t want to use ads to make money. It doesn’t feel right and they are such an eyesore.
      Toasting to persistence!

      • Good for you. I’m all about doing what feels right for right now. If the ads don’t feel good to you, the blog probably isn’t ready. I know I consider mine pretty young, and I want to draw people into the content a little more before I start throwing aggressive ads in there.

        In a way, I think it shows what your priority is: content and community. The rest will come, in time.