Quickie Lemon Cocktail Recipe

lemon cocktail ingredients

As you know I am most definitely NOT a food blogger. I cook because I have to feed my family. I like experimenting with new ingredients, but in general, simpler is better.

Oh and I do not take pretty pictures the way food bloggers do.

Anyway, I have been experimenting more with cocktails than I have with actual food. Does that mean something? You be the judge.

Quickie Lemon Vodka Cocktail Recipe

Quickie Lemon Cocktail Recipe



  • Lots of ice

  • 1 shot vodka   (I like Titos)

    Titos vodka in quickie cocktail recipe

  • 1 shot fruit shrub of your choice (Strawberry, Raspberry, Ginger etc.)

    Strawberry Shrub for from Christina Maser for Quickie Lemon Cocktail Recipe

  • Polar Seltzer Bitter Lemon

    Polar Seltzer Bitter Lemon



Pour vodka and shrub on top of ice, top with Polar Seltzer. Stir and enjoy.

This is not particularly sweet so if you desire more sweetness, add some Limoncello.


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