The Truth About Blogging

The Truth About Blogging

The Truth About Blogging?

This is the truth: I’m not a blogger anymore.

I am a community leader and a support person.

When I started this website I wanted to be a blogger.

I took blogging courses and this site was designed to be a blog. In fact, I spent a sh-t ton of money chasing page views and followers.

Blogging is a super competitive business. You have to be on top of all the things.

And when you write about a topic like mental health, it’s hard to generate the kind of traffic you need to actually make more than $.02 an hour.

I mean who wants a sponsored post about ADHD?

That is The Truth About Blogging FOR ME

But this is the cool part –  along the way I have discovered my gift is more in working with people directly. And I’m better at that than I am at running a blog.

I still plan to post regularly – but my posts are going to be centered on individuals, with their names changed of course, and how I can help them.

The truth about blogging


Here is what I am chasing….instead of page views

I am chasing women and mothers with ADHD

As they say, “If you have met one person with ADHD/Autism/etc, you have met one person.”

Every woman I talk to is different. Each has different struggles and each comes into it from a different angle.

I like to get to know people really well so that they open up to me.

Getting down into the messy stuff is the only way I know how to help people. So if you work with me be prepared to get a little uncomfortable.

I am chasing Personal growth

I am one of those lifelong learner types.

Learning and talking to others is what brings me alive!

The only way for me to keep learning and growing is to continue to educate myself on all topics relevant to ADHD women.

So I read a lot and listen to as many webinars and podcasts as I can.

I subscribe to entirely too many email lists and I recently began stalking ADHD experts by traveling to the CHADD conference. (No really I flew to Atlanta!)

I am currently working on a really exciting project where I share the steps I took on my personal emotional management journey.

Plus I am always researching how to help people open up about their diagnosis, or how ADHD medications actually work. (I’m a science nerd as well.)

Don’t even get me started on my research into depression/anxiety/shame and self-help.

I am not great at meditation, or EFT Tapping but I am trying!

I am chasing community

From the first meeting with my original web designer I wanted a community feature on my site.

Fortunately, she talked me down from spending that money until I had built up an audience.

Just to be honest, I want it all. I want a membership site. But not just any membership site.

I want it packed with information, videos, articles, all of it.

And I want a secure place for us to meet off of the currently available social media platforms.

Still working on this big, hairy audacious goal.

I am chasing connection and relationships

As much as I am an introvert I still crave connection with my tribe.

Currently we meet 4 times per week on zoom. Sometimes we body double and get work done, other times we chat.

The only time I feel satisfied and accomplished is when I talk to my girls.

As I wrote before, we take what we need and give what we can to each other.

It is amazing how good it feels to use my personal struggles to inspire and change the lives of other women.

Here is what I am chasing:

  • Women and mothers living with ADHD

  • Women interested in real personal growth and change

  • Women who want to be part of a supportive community

  • Women who seek connection – to themselves and others


So what is the truth about blogging?

The truth about blogging is that it’s great for some people, but not for me.

I’m into deep conversations and doing the hard work. I’m into digging deep and working hard.

Click here If you are interested in working with me. 

Or join 2000+ fabulous, brilliant women with ADHD who are part of my tribe.

I try to remember to email once per week. But you know…ADHD.

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