10 Ways to Organize Christmas Clutter

10 Ways to Organize Christmas Clutter

I love twinkle lights and the smell of Christmas trees. I don’t love the commercialism. And I really, really don’t love the boxes and bins of décor and wrapping paper that are piled my basement.

Organizing “stuff” is an issue for me. Ornaments and family heirlooms hold some sentimental value, but they also take up space. When I moved into this house both of my parents decided it was a great opportunity to unload every pipe-cleaner project I ever made.

The result is a bunch of bins and boxes that look like this.

Organizing Christmas Stuff

Organize Your Christmas Clutter


But this year I had an exciting thought as I was dragging the above totes up the stairs of my house. I can use my holiday decorating as way to deal with my clutter problem. A jumpstart of sorts.

I am making an investment in some storage solutions to organize the holiday madness. No really, it’s happening. Lucky for me, my favorite shopping place (Amazon) had a full array of storage solutions geared toward people like me.


For Gift Wrap:

Master Craft Gift Wrap Storage Bag, Green

HomeCrate Hanging Gift Wrapping Paper And Bow Organizer With 6 Mesh Compartments – In
Beige 11″X 10″ X 32″

Premium Christmas Tissue and Gift Wrapping Paper Storage Bag

DII Non-Woven, Holiday Storage Container For Gift Wrap, Ribbons, & Bows Stores up to 8 Rolls of Wrapping Paper – Holiday Stripe

Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Organizer Craft Holder Wrapping Station Over the Door Christmas Birthday Crafting

For Ornaments and Breakables:

Innovative Home Creations Christmas Ornament Storage, 15.7 by 15.7 by 13-Inch

Organize It All Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Santas Bags 3-Tray Christmas Ornament Storage Bag

NICEXMAS Christmas Ornament Storage Box with 27 Compartments

For Outdoor Decorating: (or exterior illumination at Clark W. Griswold would say.)

ChristmasHook 1025 Original Christmas Light Hanger Metal Hook, 25 count

Christmas Light Storage Reels with Bag – 3 Pack Metal Wheels with X-mas Carrying Case

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