10 Ways to Organize Christmas Clutter


10 ways to organize Christmas clutter

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I love twinkle lights and the smell of Christmas trees.

Every year, our little family spends an afternoon decorating the tree and our house.

Problem is, I really, really don’t love the boxes and bins of décor and wrapping paper that are piled my basement.

I can never find what I want, and inevitably something ends up broken because my storage is so disorganized.

Ornaments and family heirlooms hold some sentimental value, but they also take up space. When I moved into this house both of my parents decided it was a great opportunity to unload every pipe-cleaner project I ever made.

The result is a bunch of bins and boxes stacked up in my basement.

manage Christmas clutter

But this year I had an exciting thought as I was dragging the above totes up the stairs of my house. I can use my holiday decorating as way to deal with my clutter problem. A jumpstart of sorts.

I am making an investment in some storage solutions to organize the holiday madness. No really, it’s happening.

Lucky for me, my favorite shopping place (Amazon) had a full array of storage solutions geared toward people like me. All links below are affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy.


For Gift Wrap



For Ornaments and Breakables


Outdoor Decorating

(or exterior illumination at Clark W. Griswold would say.)



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