The Year of Self Improvement

The year of self improvement

Happy New Year!

I have declared 2017 The Year of Self Improvement.

It’s my belief that most humans are trying to better themselves in some way. Some of us want to grow spiritually or intellectually. Others want to work on our physical fitness or mental health.

Almost everything I have planned for this website in the coming months is based on self-improvement.

Never fear, I’ll cover the normal stuff:

  • -Women with ADHD
  • -Parenting with ADHD
  • -Housekeeping and lack thereof
  • -Meal Planning
  • -Book Reviews
  • -Healthy Distractions of all kinds…

But I think continually working on ourselves gives us a sense of ownership and control over our lives. Even when we fail miserably, we feel better if we worked really hard.

5 Ways to make 2017

The Year of Self Improvement

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Way back I wrote a post about why everyone should be reading. I still stand by that. Reading is a way to learn about the world through the eyes of someone else.

I like to read both fiction and nonfiction, though I generally review only the nonfiction on this site.

In nonfiction I recommend Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Or anything by Brene Brown.  Both of these writers will make you think, and even more important, force you to look within.

Another writer who really puts it all out there is Glennon Doyle Melton the creator of Momastery.

For fiction I recently finished Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. It was creepy, and confusing and I loved it.

Set Goals

If you are working toward something big in your career, set a goal. Don’t worry about failing, just having the goal there gives you something to work toward.

Check out my post on Finding Your Motivational Fuel .

[bctt tweet=”Don’t set hazy, indistinct goals – get specific.” username=”HealthyADHD”]

Perhaps you want to drop 10 lbs (or more). Be specific about your weight loss and health goals and then create a workable plan to get there.

Nurture Relationships

Contact a family member or friend that you rarely get to see. Set up a coffee date – whatever you can do to connect.

Personally, I am going to try** to stop avoiding people. I will also make an attempt to return phone calls and emails this year despite my dislike of communication.

On that note, communicate with the people in your life. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Practice Self-Care

Blah blah blah I know – errrrbody is talking about self-care.  But as I mentioned in my Mindfulness Post, you do not have to meditate. Unless you want to.

If you need 5 minutes of quiet time, take it. Go in the bathroom and lock the door if you need to.  Read a book, listen to a podcast or just stare into space.

Create Routines

For mothers and adult women with ADHD routines are essential. There is comfort in knowing the path your day will take. Do things in the way that supports your success.

Plan Out Your Family Meals and Prep Them ahead of time. Wake at the same time each day and create a morning routine that gets you out the door.  Structure Your Time at work so that you get things done.

My last tidbit of advice.  Sleep.  As much as possible. Your brain will thank you for it.


What does self-improvement mean to you?

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  • Evolute Six

    2017 is definitely the year of self improvement. More and more people are growing tired about the big stuff or generalities that doesn’t deliver at all, the reason why many are going personal when it comes to growth and development, which is what this article is all about.

    Some of the stuff for self improvement discussed in this article are not that new, but they are presented in a way that is fresh and practical, giving the idea of growth on a whole new level.

    Ways such as reading more, setting a goal and nurturing relationships are age-old routines for a more meaningful existence. But they are discussed like gems in here that enable you to have that much needed self improvement. Great article, Liz!

  • liz lewis

    Thank you for commenting. I know what you are saying – there is a ton of info out there that is not very individual. That’s my whole gig – trying to dig into individuals. Myself included.
    How did you find me? Thank you so much for your feedback on the article.